In the Community

Growth Strategy Dynamics supports Regional Junior Achievement.   A very enjoyable and rewarding way for our organization to give back has been in our own community through volunteerism.

How?  We have been working with a Grade 12 Business Class at Sahali Highschool and have been impressed with how student business leadership is alive and growing within our public education system.  If you or someone you know would like to get involved with Junior Achievement, please contact us and we will connect you or your organization with the regional JA Manager in your community!

Thompson Rivers University – Explore Research Opportunities and bridge resources between the business community and higher education. Contact us to see if we can assist in making an educational business connection for growth opportunities that could be of assistance to your business or organizational needs!

Kamloops Christian School. We have been thrilled to facilitate and contribute to the business entrepeneurship development with their grade 7 class. It has been inspiring to work with such sharp students that have been eager to learn how business takes form and shape!

Kamloops Innovation Center. It has been exciting to get involved with start-ups and share in their passion to make a meaningful mark in the world with some fantastic innovations. We have been honoured to work with the group to identify sales and marketing challenges for growing start-ups and determine practical solutions and skill development requirements to address sales growth during the early start up phases!

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Giving Back through Micro Loans and Educational Sponsorships for the Needy. Inspired by the stories of passion and interest in making a difference in the world from a Kamloops High School Art Class and Teacher, we have  embraced a series of world acclaimed social programs we believe will assist with positive change throughout the world and lead to a better place for our future generations to thrive. It has been proven that trying to address violent insurgency and hate crimes in dangerous countries around the world does not work with occupation nor ground military support. It starts by educating woman, and providing the financial means for populations to feed and support themselves through programs that embrace micro-lending. For these reasons we are supporting the funding of several programs through a percentage of our net profits annually from Growth Strategy Dynamics.

Following are two global movements for change, mobilizing millions of people around the world to support social justice for children and woman in developing countries through a variety of ways including micro loans.



We encourage our customers, partners and associate solutions providers to join us in taking small steps to making the world a better place and giving to meaningful organizations that are making change!



For more information on how you or your organization can get involved in our GIVING THROUGH CHANGE program, please contact us at