Sales Planning

After each assessment, Growth Strategy Dynamics provides a key findings summary and recommendations. Should you wish, we can build out a plan of action to accomplish agreed upon goals. Our highly strategic, priority action planning style affords you the ability to pursue one of three paths:

  • Use your own personnel
  • Blend your professionals and our project management professionals
  • Outsource to Growth Strategy Dynamics

Business Development Plans can range from straightforward sales technology or CRM implementation to complete enterprise-wide service provision roll outs; however the most common plans we construct include:

Sales force expansion/re-tooling
E-marketing/traditional and integrated operations blending
New revenue development
Custom portal or CRM launches
Revenue acceleration
Sales and marketing integration
Sales Technology

Other assistance for solutions integration through monthly, quarterly and annual planning includes:

  • Strategic planning
  • Revenue generation
  • Product/service development
  • Marketing
  • Scale planning
  • Sales technology build-out
  • Employee re-education
  • Executive coaching

Market Penetration Services
Penetrating new markets can be easier to accomplish than you might think. If you qualify, Growth Strategy Dynamics provides every tool you ll need to penetrate new valuable marketplaces including sales and marketing teams, E-business technology, marketing services, press services and more.

To see if you qualify for our Market Penetration services, please contact us. Include some basic information about your company, including your web address and telephone contact. Within 2 business days a representative will contact you for further discussion.