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I’ve worked with Jason on numerous complex projects, spanning everything from business development to customer support. He is a knowledgeable and trustworthy person that always exceeds expectations. You will be blown away by his dedication to his customers, and ability to solve seemingly impossible problems.

Daniel O’Leary, Director of Inside Sales – CloudShare

Jason was an innovative, creative problem solver with clients. His rare combination of creativity and business acumen was evident very early on in his career at Canon at a time of rapid change in our industry. I highly recommend Jason.

Kevin Condon, Senior VP – Bank of America

It has been a pleasure to have worked with you in the past and based on those interactions we feel that your business development services will be of continued value to the growth of VPCI.

Vicki Pattle, President  – VPCI

I endorse Jason. Any customer would be lucky to have him!

Tim Boudrais, President – Netwise Canada

Jason is a great man to work for. From my experience in working for Jason I would sum him up as a taskmaster with a velvet touch. He was always able to keep the team on point with company directives and targets without having to wield the heavy hand. Most importantly, he gave freely of his vast sales experience helping each and every one of us to hone our craft. Thanks Jason!

Bryce Egdell, Corporate Manager – Cellcom Wireless

Jason is a consummate professional who prides himself on working towards best achieving the objectives of anything he undertakes. In my experience working with Jason, I truly admired the way in which he immersed himself in our business and was a product champion, who clients and colleagues alike could go to at any time.

Rob Winn, Corporate Sales Representative – Jonas Software

Jason managed one of the branches I supported when I was with Canon. What sticks out in my mind was his ability to balance his dual roles of managing a sales team and selling to major accounts. All too often achieving personal sales goals take precedent over supporting the rest of the sale team. Jason is truly a sales professional.

Frank Rensing, Account Manager – SAP

I worked with Jason while at Pitney Bowes and got to know him quite well. He is a consumate professional and a great asset to any company. He excels at fostering great relationships with his clients and strives to provide them with the best level of service possible.

Stephen Blaker, Business Consultant – Ricoh Canada

I worked with Jason Cacaci at iCompass Technologies. At all times I found Jason to be personable, dependable and hard working. He is a man of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to his work and is entirely capable of following through with anything he says. His knowledge and professionalism would be a valuable asset to anyone. 

Jennifer Holmes – Royal Lepage Westwin Kamloops

It has been my great pleasure to work with Jason over the past few years. He has all the passion, drive, and business knowledge to be successful. Combined with his creativeness, ability to manage people, and integrity Jason posses the power to succeed in all his endeavors

PJ Schneider, Account Executive – Johnson Controls Inc

A veteran in the sales game, Jason has a way of connecting with people to drive excellent results. His client’s love him, his co-workers appreciate him, and his sales team follows him into battle Monday through Friday with a smile on their faces. Jason knows sales, he understands growth, and has a very high “get it” factor. Simply put: if you have a viable solution, and you want it to grow – Jason is your man. On a personal level, I felt well taken care of when I reported to Jason. He’s all business when he’s got a suit on, and a trust-worthy friend when he’s sitting on the patio with you having a pint after a hard day of work. Given the opportunity, I would raise a glass with him on the patio any time, and follow him into a business meeting just as willingly.

Tyler Key, Account Manager – Acklands Grainger

Jason and I worked together as the partner reps for our respective organizations. Jason was great at thinking through the strategies and logistics that we needed to have in place for both of our organizations to meet their sales and marketing goals. Jason is a big picture thinker with the focus to execute on the strategies necessary to meet goals.

Marnie Larson, CEO and VP of Sales – Star Garden

I had the pleasure of working with Jason at iCompass Technologies. From the beginning of our employment together, I was impressed with Jason’s focus, dedication and love for his job. Jason is a joy to work with and is passionate about every venture he takes on. I would highly recommend Jason to any organization interested in utilizing his services.

Jessica Scharien, Events Coordinator – Coast Hotels

Jason is one of the Best Salesmen I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He has an excellent ability to build and develop rapport around the office. He was always very good at meeting his sales quotas. He has been missed and I would gladly work with him again if the opportunity arose.

Bill Pecor, Development Manager – iCompass Technologies

Jason Cacaci is totally dedicated to success. Whether you are planning for success or walking out the robust plan he helps develop, he is fully engaged, inspiring, and empowering. Jason is a warm, caring, and happy person to be around and instills confidence in those he works with. He will guide you to expose your own vision as mature evidence of what can be…

Connie Maden, Former iCompass Sales Agent

Jason and I worked closely together at PB Danka. He has a tremendous understanding and knowledge of office technologies, both hardware and software based ,that  is invaluable in sifting through the gamut of competing technology that is out there today. I also found that unlike a lot of sales professionals out there, Jason always took the approach of listening to his customers needs first and then applying his knowledge of office technologies to recommend the right solution.

Hal Sommerfeld, Senior Representative – Pitney Bowes