Expert Data

Although volatility remains in the global marketplace and the paces has slowed, The World’s CEO’S are still confident economic growth will pervail – PWC Survey of 1200 Executives in 69 Countries.

66% – feel there will be a shortage of skilled talent as they begin hiring again.

48% of CEOS are very confident about their company’s prospects for growth

50% of CEO’s plan to enter a joint venture or strategic alliance in the next 12 months

78% of CEO’S expect innovation efforts will generate significant new revenue in the next three years

– The Globe and Mail

Other Interesting Growth Statistics….

98% of businesses in Canada are small and employ 48% of the workforce – by definition less than 20 employees – Industry Canada

72% of Companies have a social media strategy – 10% of overall marketing budgets to be allocated to social marketing – Profit Magazine

On-line ad spending will reach 40 billion by 2015 in the USA alone and 6 Billion in Canada.

Harvard Business Studies have shown that GROWING COMPANIES are better off to develop new projects than to improve existing services – INNOVATION – ( Innovative Research Rules ) – SRED in Canada is on the rise.

Statistics also show that INNOVATIVE Companies spend 20% of their total expenditures on R&D – only 5% of the SME market currently do that. We need more to remain productive and competitive.

As executives are seeing growth in their organization, technology is playing a key role in maximizing operational efficiencies. As a result, firms are augmenting their IT investments in supporting key business processes – Harvard Business School

Some firms are spending too much time prospecting vs. not spending enough time determining if the prospects are worth the effort. ( Strategic Feasibility and ROE – ROI by project up front ) Profit Magazine.