Don’t take our word for it!  We have RAVING customers, testimonials on previous work performed and would be pleased to share with you the many references we have received from them.


We enlisted the business development services of Growth Strategy Dynamics (GSD) and found their solutions to be very helpful to the expansion of our firm. The GSD team provided all the necessary legwork in the execution, communication, and delivery of the sales introductions and removed the hassles away from our staff making first introduction calls. We find them to be great communicators, skilled in customer service and overall highly professional. The best part is they are delivering results and have become a key contributor to our expansion plans!

Marcelle LaHue, Business Manager


Jason’s deep understanding of the sales process combined with his tenacious discipline in executing the necessary steps have really been an eye-opener for me. He gives much more value than is expected of him and adapts well to varying business situations. I highly recommend him to any organization looking to ignite their sales.

Michael Wong, Founder and COO


We found Jason to be a dedicated, hard-working professional. His ability to achieve sales results along with his foundational management skills made him a key contributor to the growth of our technology company. His combination of sales skills, creativity and management experience gives him a solid footing to adapt to the needs of both larger organizations and smaller growth companies. We would highly recommend Jason and his company to others!

Todd Stone, Former President and CEO

I have worked with many professionals over my career. Jason stands out as a high energy professional that gets the job done and produces results. He always struck me as a Sales Closer and was an important part of our company expansion across Canada and into the United States. It was great to see his passion for sales growth and obtaining the business coupled with his quick learning about our marketplace. He also served on our senior management team and it was a pleasure to see him learn and grow with our company as we embraced best practices in business expansion!

Paul Blanchet, VP Customer Success & Operations


Growth Strategy Dynamics was exceptional at assisting and coordinating the development of our service plan. They provided the accountability and direction required to get the job done. They are very professional, insightful and dedicated to completing projects to their clients satisfaction.

Jeff Glaicar, Investment Advisor


Onstream Systems engaged Growth Strategy Dynamics to assist with our international expansion plans and market validation into the Canadian marketplace. We found that their experience in securing opportunities for our executive to further analyse the Canadian local government space proved valuable for our growth decisions. GSD provided affordable, professional services and delivered on our required marketing activities. We would recommend their sales and marketing services to other companies wishing to expand both their geographical reach and revenue streams!

David Webb, Sales Director


We contracted GSD to provide us with a deployment strategy for some new products. I found Jason to be very professional and timely in his deliverables. He is very personable and easy to work with, and is effective at uncovering what needs to be done to drive a project forward. Jason is a good resource to have available and I look forward to working with him again.

Greig Walsh, Director of Marketing


We hired GSD to help us develop our sales plan and to make outbound sales calls on behalf of our organization to arrange appointments with new prospects. We were pleased with the sales plan that was co-developed to map out the strategies and actions we needed to focus on for better identifying the right client profile, in the most suitable markets, within sectors we have existing experience. This focus has really helped us keep our eye on the right type of sales growth. The outbound sales calls GSD make are ideal for Pulse as they are an affordable way for us to keep our operation at capacity without bringing on full time sales staff. It has been a very effective way to outsource for the size of our agency.

Rob Cupello, Partner


GSD has been great in helping our sales team as they have become our outbound sales team to uncover new opportunities and arrange appointments with our senior solutions team. We found our account manager personable, fun and easy to work with. Their experience in sales and delivering a professional prospecting message has made it much easier for us to identify potential clients for our enterprise solutions. The services provided by GSD are affordable, high value and easy to implement and given the results to date we are happy with our return on investment.

Marnie Larson, CEO


GSD offered a very affordable and well priced sales model with unparalleled quality in lead generation. GSD delivered on expectations and provided great return on investment, producing real results that filled our sales funnel very quickly.  It was a pleasure to deal with Jason and his team, they were always professional, energetic, reliable, thorough and committed.  GSD immediately and seamlessly integrated with our in-house sales and marketing team, and was genuinely committed to our growth.  Jason’s extensive knowledge of the marketplace combined with the drive of his sales team resulted in growth and new opportunities for our company.  I would recommend GSD to anyone seeking solid lead generation, experienced sales management and leadership, and exceptional support in building a sales opportunity funnel.

Damodar Arapakota, President and CEO


On behalf of Mike, Grant and myself, I’d like to extend a huge THANK YOU for all the amazing work you have done. We’ve learned lots in the few short months since we’ve started talking and we anticipate that you’ll be an even bigger asset to us as we grow. You’ve given us a ton of direction and I see some real momentum with sales.

Christopher Mitra, Director of Business Operations


At ClawM, we were very pleased with the quality of work we received from Growth Strategy Dynamics. The representatives at GSD were very helpful with our questions and took our directions very seriously. The management team was resourceful and managed their team in a very productive manner. Our company sales were directly increased due to the efforts of GSD. ClawM would absolutely recommend this company for any outsourced marketing.

Felicia Girouard, Marketing Representative