Our approach to the analysis is to provide your organization with an objective “snapshot” of your sales strategy, marketing and business development processes from which to establish a starting point of an improved strategy and process.

We will provide a thorough situational analysis to obtain an accurate basis to compare future modifications

We will perform a complete assessment of the qualitative aspects of the current processes including systems, procedures, workflow, goals, as well as end user perceptions and needs

We will determine key performance indicators that will be used as benchmarks within our optional Design, Implementation and Support Phases.

Interviews: An essential component of the Analysis is to conduct interviews between the Owner or Key Management Team, and select staff, to gain their perspective and perception of the current processes and potential gaps.

Quantitative Information: The quantitative portion of our analysis requires the compilation of some direct and indirect costs related to the sales, marketing and business development resources and systems we are evaluating. This process is accomplished by reviewing all available information including what tactics and techniques are currently being deployed.

Observations of Sales and Business Development Workflow: The assessment usually includes a review and observations in the office of current sales and marketing employees involved in their current operation. This study process yields critical information about the actual types of strategies and practice and their effectiveness in your business environment or in the marketplace.

We will assess management’s goals and objectives, critical success factors and priorities. GSD will also determine from these interviews functions that will be positively impacted by new business development processes and solutions.

– Business Development Assessments

– Technology and Training Assessments