Pro Tip: Multi-Threaded Engagements for Prospecting

Some may call it integrated marketing, others multi-thread, but whatever you call it the theme remains: do no rely on any one approach. This is key when you’re trying to get in the door with larger accounts/clients, and other situations where you cannot just cold call by phone or drop by with info. Most large organizations have great gate-keeping, so getting creative on how you approach them is key – you have to find the way in & give them a reason to let you stay.

Mixing up your approaches, or applying a variety simultaneously, is a great tactic and essentially what “multi-threaded engagement” is all about.

Here’s a list of different forms of engagement, all relative & valuable depending on the situation and organization you’re trying to infiltrate:

  • Telephone
  • Cold drop-by
  • LinkedIn InMails
  • Social selling on LinkedIn
  • Email
  • Handwritten letter
  • Postcards
  • Or if you’re feeling super creative, send them some sort of impact mail (send the prospect an object that relates the message, i.e. a golf ball and then ask if they “want to drive more sales.”)

Use these approaches in tandem to build valuable relationships with prospects and truly showcase your personality & drive by approaching prospects with multi-thread engagement!

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