Social Media & Newsletters as Growth Strategies

The power of social media & content sharing (via mailing lists/newsletters) seems endless in 2018! With both, we’re able to deliver important messaging to current customers, position our brands in order to target prospecting customers, and optimize ourselves to reach valuable audiences we may otherwise be missing.

For example, if properly planned and implemented, your brand’s social media reach (paid & organic) can be used as a growth strategy by serving your followers with messaging about services they have with you, perhaps encouraging more in-depth package levels or add-ons that can improve their experience with your products. On the paid side, you can create custom audiences made up of people who don’t follow your brand and then serve them information on a specific product or service that you are trying to sell, while at the same time making yourself present on their timeline.

Similarly with newsletters, you can create sub-groups within your mailing list overtime based on the products & services your clients have with you. For example, you can serve migrant clients information on additional services you offer and serve recurring clients with potential product upgrades and/or improvements. General newsletters are a great growth strategy as well – by sending your audience valuable content related to your products/services, you can use the newsletter as a semi-regular reminder of your brand and its offerings.

However, there is a problem with all of this: it takes time; time that most business owners don’t have… This is where Adroit Technologies comes in! Acting as subcontractor for Growth Strategy Dynamics, they offer a wide variety of technology solutions – social media & newsletters included.

Want more information on these strategies & how to get started? Contact us today or contact Adroit Technologies directly!

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