The Right Way To Deal With A Disagreeable Client

Disagreeable clients and/or customers: as business-people we’ve all experienced this, or at least we will have to at some point!

So what should a salesperson do when a client becomes disagreeable? It first depends on the situation – who the client is, how long they’ve been a client of yours, and what the nature of the disagreement is. Typically clients’ complaints can actually provide salespeople with valuable feedback on communication strategies and which kinds of products/services could be a better fit.

The right way to deal with a disagreeable client is to try and look past their tone/attitude, and instead see if there is anything valuable you can take away from the situation to use to your advantage in future situations. Regardless of what happens (even if you do decide the client isn’t worth the trouble), always do your best to maintain a professional attitude & body language when responding the the disgruntled client.

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